Enjoy Boating Around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Safely


Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is an untouched area that holds more beauty than most people would ever imagine seeing in a world that is filled with tall buildings and busy lifestyles. This makes it a popular destination for people all around the world. People visit it to see another way of life. They visit to explore the world as it used to be. A world before bustling cities. However, because it is a rather large lake, people often choose to explore it via boats. There are a lot of boating tours and private boats out on the beautiful lake at any given time. Some of the majestic Mayan towns along the banks can only be reached by boats. This poses a threat to the natural environment surrounding Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


What’s The Risk?

The Mayan’s who call the lake home hold true to time honored traditions. Women wear traditional clothing, farming is their way of life, and they work hard to keep the area beautiful and mostly untouched. For this, Lake Atitlan has been called, “The world’s last Eden”. It is shaped by the volcanoes that surround it at three points, its water is untouched by the ocean, and its deepest point is 1,120 ft. This all contributes to it being a home to wildlife as well as the Mayan’s who love it.

As the popularity of this tourist destination increases and more boating takes place on the water, there is a risk for oil leaks and other issues which may contaminate the area. Therefore, tour boat operators and owners, as well as the people who call it home, go to great links to ensure that their boats have quality parts at all times.

Quality Counts on Lake Atitlan

As a motor boat runs across the lake, there are obviously issues that can come up. To keep the area beautiful debris and oil spillage can cause massive problems. That is why it is recommended that boaters use quality boating parts to protect themselves, the environment, and this very special way of life. Some of the best boating parts include things like marine batteries and a marine battery switch that offer a charge that will last over a longer period of time, so that you do not have to call for help when you are out on the water and bring more boats to your location.


However, the simple life around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala does not always mean that people consider marine batteries as an important part of life on the water. Some people opt to use car batteries instead of deep cycle batteries. This causes problems in more ways than you may realize, because a car battery is built to do a different job. They are designed to crank and get an immediate charge from the vehicle’s alternator. Boats do not provide this immediate charge at all times, so the risk of a dead battery on the lake increases dramatically. Boaters need to thoroughly read through marine battery reviews to make sure they don’t risk getting stuck out on the lake with the wrong battery.

Do You Run Only the Best?

The world needs more places like Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, but each year there are less places that hold true to the way that nature designed it to be. With more and more tourists visiting this place of peace and tranquility, the risk is great that people and boats will destroy it. Upgrading the boat you use, will go a long way in preserving it so that the Mayan’s future generations and other visitors will be able to enjoy the majestic beauty for many years. Are you willing to make sure your boat is up for the job?