An Easy Way to Preserve the Water Supply of Guatemala


Fresh water and a fresh water supply are key to any area’s survival. How often do you really consider the water that flows into your home? Do you ever stop to think when you take a long shower that every time you turn on the water you are depleting the water supply in your area? If not, you are normal. It is something that not many do think about. However, if you live in or you are visiting an area such as Guatemala, you probably should think about the water a little more.


Poolsand-SpasDeveloping Nations Need Fresh Water

Think about the many new homes, resorts, hotels, and businesses popping up in Guatemala. Tourists come from everywhere to see the big cities and beautiful beaches. Tourists love the food and the overall atmosphere of the area. As more tourists hear about the area and all that it has to offer, more hotels, resorts, restaurants and other tourist friendly accommodations are popping up.

More swimming pools are being filled and more showers are being taken. Millions of gallons of water could be used on any given day by the residents and the tourists. This may not take a toll or even be noticeable in today’s world, but what will Guatemala and other rising, popular tourist areas become tomorrow? Twenty years from now?

What Can Be Done to Help?

In areas like Guatemala, the tourists coming in is great for the economy. More jobs open up to local residents, things that impact their way of life is more talked about in other areas, and even more tourists will come. It is wonderful, but it does bring risks, such as a water shortage that could occur many years from now and affect future generations.

One of the simplest things that can have a major impact on preserving water in not only Guatemala, but other places like it includes doing away with the traditional shower heads that are in the many hotels and resorts around the area. For instance, in Guatemala, many resorts offer the double shower head, which use twice the amount of water that other shower heads may use. They do it to provide visitors with a relaxing, spa experience in their resorts. It adds water pressure to a shower, but it comes with a cost.

A Better Alternative

If water issues are a concern, which they should be, doing away with the double shower heads and shower heads that do not restrict the water will go a long way in preserving water. All that resorts need to do is consider purchasing one of the best shower head for low water pressure or a low flow shower head.

These shower heads restrict the amount of water that comes out, but still provide the guests with an excellent shower experience. A lot of these types of shower heads will have a pressurized chamber to restrict the outflow while providing powerful jets of water. Hotel and resort guests will never realize that they are helping the area maintain its water supply, but they will rave about the excellent water pressure and how relaxing their shower was while they were visiting your resort.

If all you want out of your resort and hotel is happy guests, why not achieve that and preserve the water for future generations of guests? It will be the best thing you have ever done for the area you call home.